February 22, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Clean & Jerk

Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.
Rest as needed between sets.

Use the build up method. Find your heaviest perfect set of 1 and make sure that you have 5 work sets total within 10% of this lift (max for the day is included as a work set). You may have hit these in the build up, or you may need to back off after finding your heaviest and complete another set or two at 90% or higher of your best for the day.


Each for time:
Row: 7x 500 m
Rest 2 mins between efforts.
Goal: Strong and consistent effort across all intervals.

Sometimes we just need to get in some conditioning intervals. This is one of those times. No loading on the body and simply push on the rower. You can swap out a run or bike if needed but the goal is to have all your efforts strong and consistent. On a 500 meter effort this is generally within about 5-10 secs of one another. Work on position on the rower with keeping the seat away from your heels in the catch position and adjust the damper to what you find most efficient for you!

Post Work
1-2min Lying Banded Hamstring Stretch
1-2min Lying Banded Crossover Stretch