January 13, 2022

Posted By: Christi

For time:
10 Push Press, 165/115 lbs
5 Rope Climbs
8 Push Press, 165/115 lbs
4 Rope Climbs
6 Push Press, 165/115 lbs
3 Rope Climbs
4 Push Press, 165/115 lbs
2 Rope Climbs
2 Push Press, 165/115 lbs
1 Rope Climb
Goal: Sub 10 min

A simple couplet today with some descending reps. The push press weight is moderately heavy and should be a real challenge to get 10 in a row. Having said that, you should be able to complete all rounds in no more than two sets. The push pull combination should keep you moving but the rope climbs will add up. The rope climb is a higher skill movement and some will be able to do one rep after another whereas others will have to take breaks between their reps. Modify this movement as needed however you should modify it to a pulling variation that will challenge you. This could be anything from a strict pull-up, a strict pull-up + knee to elbow combo, or a hand over hand seated sled pull. Just a friendly reminder to be honest with that push press. No dipping under the bar and turning it into a push jerk. Adjust loading if needed in order to keep your movement legit.

Post Work
1min per side Banded Lat Stretch
2min PVC Underhand Stretch