January 18, 2022

Posted By: Christi

Part 1
Squat Clean & Jerk

Part 1 today is taking 15-minutes to build to a heavy single in the squat clean & jerk. Anyone who struggles to receive in a full squat should keep the loading light enough to focus on this transition, keeping it fast and smooth. The goal is to build in weight with each set so long that you are feeling good and moving well. The primary focus should be on technique and perfect sets. Inside of the 15minutes take one set roughly every :90sec-2minutes. Don’t exceed more than 8 sets.

Part 2
AMRAP 10 mins:

10 Squat Cleans, 95/65 lbs
10 Pull-ups
Goal: 5+ Rounds

A quick burner! The squat clean weight should be light enough that you can cycle the barbell confidently, possibly even all 10 reps in a row it. Having said that, it will likely be very smart to break these up early on. The pull ups are also going to be something that require a smart approach and pacing. This is a short workout so focus on intensity, although with that being said it will be important to pace the first half of this workout and then work to hang on or increase speed on the back half.

Post Work
3 rounds for quality of:
Single Arm Overhead Carry, pick load, L 50 ft
10 Snow Angels
Single Arm Overhead Carry, pick load, R 50 ft
10 Handstand Shoulder Taps

Rest as needed between rounds.