January 19, 2022

Posted By: Christi

Every 1 min for 16 mins, alternating between:
Row, 250/200 m
12 Russian Swings, pick load + 6 Burpees

We have an alternating EMOM on deck for today! This is going to be a burner of a workout. You will start with the row and ideally, this is done at a hard pace. You should have about :10-:15sec of rest and transition into the next minute. After the row you will transition to doing 12 Russian swings. These should be done at a moderate to heavy load and done for a set of 12 unbroken. In the same minute, you will do 6 burpees. Again you should have at least :10-:15sec of rest and transition before starting back on the row. Adjust loading and reps as needed to do so. The primary goal will be consistency with each movement from start to finish. It will be important that you start with a distance and reps that you can maintain for the entire 16 minutes (8 rounds).

Post Work
2 rounds for quality of:
8 Cobra-to-Downward Dog
Child’s Pose, 30 secs
Side Child’s Pose, L 30 secs/R 30 secs
Thread-the-Needle, 30 secs