January 20, 2022

Posted By: Christi

Wendler Back Squat – Week 4

Back Squat 1×5 at 65% 1RM
Back Squat 1×5 at 75% 1RM
Back Squat 1×5+ at 85% 1RM

Add 10 lbs to your 1RM then take 90% to calculate your work sets.

Week 4 of our squat progression! This week you will be adding 10lbs to your original 1RM then take 90% of that to calculate your work sets. For example, if your 1RM is 100lbs you are now working at 90% of 110lbs when calculating your work sets. If you are unsure of your 1RM go based on how you are feeling and try to match the percentage based on effort. For the final set, go for broke and accumulate as many reps as you can. Take one set every 3-minutes.

Post Work
5 Sets:
12 Dumbbell Deadlift
10 Dumbbell Hang Muscle Clean
8 Dumbbell Push Press
Goal: Unbroken sets, rest :90 after each set.

Accessory lifts today are going to get the heart rate up! You are going to do 5 sets and rest :90sec between sets. Choose a loading that allows you to move well and perform the complex ideally in an unbroken set. You will use the same weight for each movement and the push press will likely be the limiting factor. Use the push press as a gauge on what weight to use.