July 16, 2022

Posted By: Christi

8am-10am: Open Gym
10am: Group WOD

Hero WOD #6
Team “Rahoi”
Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 mins of:

12 Box Jumps, 24/20 in
6 Thrusters, 95/65 lbs
6 Bar Facing Burpees
Complete in teams of 2. You go-I go fashion.
Goal: 8+ rounds total

U.S. FBI Supervisory Special Agent Gregory J. Rahoi, 38, of Brookfield, Wisconsin, assigned to the Hostage Rescue Team, based in Quantico, Virginia, was killed on December 6, 2006, during a live-fire tactical training exercise at Fort A.P. Hill, near Bowling Green, Virginia. He is survived by his parents, Natalie and Richard, sister Teri, and fiancee Paula Paulk.

Hero workout “Rahoi” today and this one is a burner! Athletes are going to work together in teams of two to get the work done working in a “you go, I go” fashion between rounds. With each round athletes should be pushing with intensity, treating this like intervals. We would like to see athletes getting 8+ rounds inside of the 12-minutes. The reps are reasonable and should allow for quick transitions from one movement to the next. The box jump should be done at a height that allows for quick and steady reps. The thruster weight should be done at a weight that is light and allows for quick reps. The bar-facing burpee should also be done at a quick but consistent pace.

Accessory Work
3 rounds for quality of:
10 L/10 R Landmine Rotations, pick load
Suitcase Carry, pick load, L 50 ft/R 50 ft
10 Pike Compressions

Post Work
1-2min each Standing Pigeon Stretch