March 1, 2022

Posted By: Christi

EMOM X 12 mins, alternating between:
21/17 Row Calories
15 Front Squats, 115/75 lbs
9 Bar Muscle-ups

A fun EMOM today! This workout starts with calories on the rower. 21/17 calories are no joke to finish inside of the minute. Adjust accordingly so that you have at least :10-:15sec to rest and transition to the next movement. The front squat is intended to be done with a light load and done within 1-2 sets. Bar MU’s accumulate to be quite a few reps. Those that have them get after them and adjust volume as needed. These can be modified to any other pulling movement that is appropriate for you. With each minute you should be working at a sustainable pace knowing that you have to complete this for a total of 4 rounds. Avoid going out too “hard” but rather choose calories, weight, and reps schemes that are sustainable for you.

Post Work
3 rounds for quality of:
Lateral Raise Hold, pick load, 20 secs
5 Prone Snow Angels
Rear Delt Raise Hold, pick load, 20 secs

Accessory work today is our shoulder maintenance work for the week. For the ATYT you can use crossover symmetry, light bands, or light plates. Be sure you are working hard to keep your shoulders down and back. The lateral raise hold and rear delt raise hold should be done with a light to moderate pair of plates or dumbbells.