May 12, 2021

Posted By: Christi

1 Mile Jog


Stretch & Strengthen
For quality:
3×6 L/6 R Eccentric Bulgarian Split Squats
Standing Hamstring Stretch, 1 min/ea.
Pigeon Stretch, L 1:30/R 1:30
2×10 Tempo Squats, pick load
200 Seated Banded Leg Curls
Banded Lateral Walk, 2x L 50 ft/R 50 ft
— then —
3×6 Eccentric Dumbbell Pull-Overs, pick load
Pec Stretch, L 1:30/R 1:30
Roll/Smash Upper Back, 2 mins
2×10 Tempo Strict Press, pick load
2×15 Rear Delt Raises, pick load

Eccentric= 6 secs lowering and regular return
Tempo= 3 secs lowering and rising

Our workout today is going to be focusing on stretching & strengthening! On paper, these days don’t look like much but when done well they can be challenging and add tons of value. The eccentric and static work is designed to create length and flexibility. This means any loading that is used should be super light and the focus should be on the stretch. The tempo work will provide strengthening in a newfound range of motion that is often missed. The tempo sets should be challenging for the last few reps but should be done unbroken and not done to failure. Overall, the primary focus for today is going to be on quality movement and getting you to leave the gym feeling better than when they came in!