November 20, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Complete in teams of 2…

5 rounds for max reps of:
Partner 1 do:
Run, 400 m
Partner 2 do:
max rep [ 6 Deadlifts + 3 Hang Squat Cleans + 1 Push Jerk ], 185/125 lbs

Working with a partner today and hoping they run fast! The 400m effort shouldn’t take much more than two minutes so use that to adjust the distance if needed. The barbell complex is similar to D.T., but we are looking at a hang squat clean and heavier loading. Break this up as needed in order to keep moving. I would suggest being able to go from the hang squat clean directly into the push jerk to save an additional power clean. Adjust loading as needed to complete the complex unbroken in a warm up set or fresh state.

Post Work
3 rounds for quality of:
Banded Monster Walk, 25 ft
10 Barbell Good Mornings, pick load
Banded Monster Walk, 25 ft
Glute Bridge Hold, 30 secs

This is our hip and knee maintenance for the week! Like most of our accessory work, this should be done for quality. The focus for this will be on the posterior chain and glute activation. The monster walk should have a focus on the glutes and moving with intention. Slower-controlled movement is better. The barbell good morning can be made harder by adding weight and working on a tempo of :03sec up & down. Glute bridge hold can be made harder by keeping a band around the knees. Athletes should be thinking of actively keeping their knees pressed out just over their toes.