October 15, 2020

Posted By: Christi

For time:
600m Run
50/45 Bike Calories
50/45 Row Calories

Goal: sub 10 mins

This workout is going to be all about pushing hard! The goal time is 10 minutes but a few minutes over is ok. For those that think this will take close to 15 minutes cut back on the number of calories for each machine. Though this workout is shorter we still want some pacing from the start. The start of this workout should be a moderate to hard pace but leaving just enough gas in the tank to push hard for the last 2-3min by really digging deep. It’s going to be a spicy one!

Stretch & Strengthen
For quality:
4 L/4 R Eccentric Cossack Squats (5sec lower)
3×8 Tempo Goblet Squats, pick load (3sec lower, 3sec up)
3×6 Single Leg Deadlifts, pick load (3sec lower, 3sec up)
3×6 Eccentric Dumbbell Flys, pick load (6sec lower)
3×5 Eccentric Chin-ups (3sec lower)
3×6 Tempo Diamond Push-ups (3sec down, 3sec up)
3×6 Tempo Seated Banded Rows (3sec pull, 3sec return)

These are going to be a consistent piece to our programming each week for the next 12 weeks or so. It’s super important to be working on elements that allow us to work on controlling our movement and both developing flexibility and owning strength through that newfound range of motion. When done well these can also be challenging pieces so don’t underestimate them.