October 29, 2020

Posted By: Christi

REMINDER…No 4:30/5:30pm classes this Friday to get ready for the scavenger hunt!

10 rounds:
3 Ring Muscle-ups
5 Toes-to-rings
30 Double Unders

Goal: sub 15 mins

Gymnastics focus on this workout today with lower rep schemes which means you should be working on cycling your reps. Focus on a quality kip in both the pull AND the dip with the ring muscle up. Toes-to-rings are often easier for people so if you’re looking for a real challenge see if you can go from one movement right into the next. The double unders should be more of a break than anything and provide a good opportunity to work on consistent and unbroken sets here. If you are subbing out the muscle-up try to use a variation that allows you to not have to get in and out of bands or contraptions that can waste time and intensity. Lots of transitions in this workout so keep it simple today.

Post Workout – Stretch & Strengthen
For quality:
3×6 Eccentric Calf Raises (:05 down, regular up)
3×6 Eccentric Stiff Legged Deadlifts, pick load (:06 down, regular up)
3×8 L/8 R Single Leg Glute Bridge

So much value in these and as you know we will be focusing on them once a week to help make you more bulletproof. This week we will be focusing on our calves and hamstrings. The loading for the eccentric work does not need to be heavy. This is intended to stretch and lengthen the tissue.