October 5, 2022

Posted By: Christi

Heavy Day!

Part 1
Sumo Deadlift

Today is our heavy day and just like most heavy days we want you to lift the most amount of weight you can so long that you can maintain position. Ideally, you are building in weight with each set but if you need to repeat a set to focus on position or avoid coming to failure too early, do so. Take 1 set every 2:30.

Part 2
Grunt/Midline Work

3 Rounds for quality:
50′ Reverse Sled Drag
50′ Sled Push
directly into…
8 Double KB Russian Swings (pick load)
50′ Double KB OH Carry
50′ Double KB Front Rack Carry
100′ Farmer Carry
1 minute Plank
Rest 1:30-2min

Sled drag/push is intended to be heavy but allow you to maintain a steady march for the full 100′. KB work is done unbroken. Choose a challenging load that allows for you to complete all movements without setting the KB’s down while maintaining solid position. Time under tension is what we’re looking for here. Finish off the round with a 1 minute plank hold.