October 8, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 mins of:
40/32 Bike Calories
Run, 400 m

Goal: Just get it done

We have our longer workout for the week on deck today! This is a super simple workout but this workout also offers a ton of value in terms of providing variance in time domains. The goal for this workout is to maintain a steady pace throughout. There are no goal rounds simply because we want you to focus on what is a sustainable pace for you rather than focusing on how much work you’d like to get done. The bike and run efforts may be similar for athletes who are strong in both movements but otherwise, we would like you to keep each portion done within 2:30 taking no more than 5min per round. Cut back on the number of calories or the distance on the run as needed.

Post Work

2min per side Hurdler Stretch
1min per side Bent Knee Calf Stretch