September 5, 2020

Posted By: Christi

8am-10am: Open Gym
10am: Group WOD

Every 4 mins for 12 mins do:
Run 400m
10 Back Squats, 225/155 lbs
— then —
Every 4 mins for 12 mins do:
Row 500m
10 Strict Handstand Push-ups

These 3 rounders should be done back-to-back with no rest in between! This workout will have you dabbling back into some intensity by using a heavier loading on the squats. You should be using a weight that allows you to get ten reps unbroken and the last 2-3 reps should feel tough. This should pose a bit of a challenge. You should be taking this weight out of a rack. Ideally, you will want to be finishing each round by 3 minutes so that you earn a 1-minute rest before going into the next round. The HSPU should be a strict pushing movement of some variation. If possible, try to keep it to a gymnastic movement. If you need to break this up, that is quite alright! Run and row should be done at a HARD pace. If you are still looking to keep things on the lighter side to finish off the week simply lower the weight or the reps. Goal is still a recovery week so your call today.

Post Work
For quality:
50 AbMat Sit-ups
50 Hip Extensions
Wall Sit, 3 mins
*Accumulate the total reps/time for each movement.