Get Started Now

Our goal is to challenge you in a way that will maximize your overall health and fitness potential. We believe it is our role to bring the best out of each member and understand that may require a different approach for each individual.

Getting Started Is Simple

Step 1

Free Trial

New athletes (new to CFC and/or brand new to CrossFit) attend a free trial class. Please contact us to make arrangements for the best day and time for your free trial.

Step 2

Athletes New to CrossFit

Contact us to get registered for our Beginner’s Membership and schedule your (3) 1-on-1 sessions. These individual sessions will introduce you to the foundational movements, assess movement and introduce class structure and programming. These will need to be completed before joining Group WOD classes. 

Experienced Athletes

If you are an experienced athlete coming from another affiliate and you’re determined CrossFit Cheyenne is the place for you…CONTACT US to get signed up!

What you can expect from a class

Group classes typically run 1 hour and welcome the beginner to advanced athlete.  The variety in movements, time domains, loading and reps throughout the weeks and months will give members a large, well rounded base of fitness. 

Each class will include the following:

– General warm-up
– Specific warm-up 
– Review of workout & modifications
– Coaching to ensure safety and proper intensity
– Cool down & accessory work

What we expect from our athletes

Show up! Some days just walking through the door is the hardest part. Know that we’ll help ensure this is the BEST hour of your day. Be courteous to our trainers, members and equipment. 

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Free Trial Class

We welcome anyone interested in trying out CrossFit for the first time to join one of our Group WOD classes.