April 13, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Zoom Classes: 5:30am & Noon
Week 10 (testing day)
*warm-up below
Find your 1 RM for the day
Alright gang. For those of us with the equipment or access to it we are going to be testing our 1 RM deadlift today. Although many of us have been unable to complete this cycle, trust that the isometric work you’ve been putting in on these days is super beneficial. The way I want you to approach this is your “perfect” 1 RM. All of us can get a bit too big of an ego with the 1 RM lift, especially on this movement and your safety is priority number 1. You know yourself best with position and need to take responsibility for that. All of you are stronger regardless of today’s result. Get after it, be smart, and have some fun.
DL Warm-up
5 Sumo Inchworm w/push-up
8ea Single Leg RDL (no weight)
12ea Single Leg Glute Bridge
12 Alt. Mountain Climbers
12 Hollow Rocks
BB Warm Up 1x 5-10ea:
Bent Over Row
Good Morning
Kang Squat
Deadlift Build Up Sets:
2 reps @ 35%
2 reps @ 50%
2 reps @ 60 %
2 reps @ 70%
1-2 reps @ 80%
1 rep @ 87%
1 rep @ 92-95%
20 min sustained effort: run, bike or row
Optional Bodyweight Accessory:
Accumulate 4min in a Plank
Accumulate 2min in a (R) side Plank
Accumulate 2min in a (L) Side Plank