April 13, 2021

Posted By: Christi

10 Burpee Pull-ups
20 Single Leg Crossbody Toes-to-bars
10x 1 Burpee + 3 Air Squats
40 Double Unders
Goal: 3+ rounds

A fun mix of movements today that will still produce some high power output and intensity! Burpee pull-ups should be a strong but steady pace allowing you to keep moving from one movement to the next. Single leg crossbody toes-to-bar isn’t as tricky as it sounds. For some this may be easier. A good sub is simply a single leg crossbody leg raise. The burpee/squat complex is 10 total reps of 1 burpee + 3 squats. The squat “break” between the burpee should keep you moving with avoiding some upper body fatigue but your going to have to push a bit to keep a strong pace here. Smooth on the doubles to save your shoulders.

Sled Work/Posterior Chain
3 rounds for quality of:
L Lateral Sled Drag, pick load, 50 ft
8 L/8 R Band Mount Single Leg Glute Bridges
R Lateral Sled Drag, pick load, 50 ft
8 L/8 R Single Arm Kettlebell Cleans, pick load
Bird Dog, L 30 secs/R 30 secs

Familiar movements but with some variations for us. The single leg glute bridge is with your foot mounted on a band today. This is going to create a more unstable platform requiring some more control from you. Cruise through this piece with quality in mind but move from one round the the next with no break between.