April 22, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Zoom 5:30am & Noon ( yes, I changed the time from 9am to Noon)

For Time:
50 CTB Pull Up
100 OHS (75/55)
200 Double Under
Goal: Compare to 2/12

Compare to 2/12. Simple and effective for sure! Higher rep means a game plan for many is the way to go. Setting up descending reps to keep you moving and in a positive head space is super helpful. Be especially diligent to get yourself in a strong position for the shoulders in the OHS. You may even rest with the bar on your back a few times instead of dropping it just for the sake of trying to keep moving. Try to knock out some big sets to get the majority of the work done. Modify the reps or try to move on from each exercise with the following if needed:
CTB: 4 min
OHS: 11 min
DU: 15 min

Optional Accessory
1min Dead Bug
:45sec Alt. Dead Bug
:15sec Hollow Hold
Notes: Goal is to get each round unbroken.