April 25, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Zoom @ 10am

“Speal 5”
AMRAP 12 min
2 Rope Climb (15′)
6 Deadlift (275/185)
9 Box Jump (24/20)
Goal: Compare to 2/15

Compare to 2/15. Fair amount of grip and hips in this one which can be surprising. Take the time to make sure your feet have a great lock so that you can save the grip on the deadlift. Weight should be something on the barbell that you can do unbroken or in no more than 2 sets in the later rounds. Adjust if needed. The box jump is not “over” so make sure you stand all the way up on the box.

Optional Accessory
3 Rounds
15 Abmat Sit Up
15 Hip Extension/Good morning
Notes: Add weight to one or both movements if needed.

Post Work
3-way Hip Stretch 2-3xs:
:20sec each position