April 26, 2021

Posted By: Christi

2 Pause Snatch + 3 Pause Overhead Squat

Taking the time to work on the full movement today but really dial in those pause positions! This is going to be a pause in both the receiving position of the snatch as well as the bottom of the overhead squat. It will end up being quite a bit of time under tension which will naturally limit the loading a bit but will help with confidence in the full movement. Adjust the loading as needed and make it a goal of no failed sets while still challenging yourself.

AMRAP 16 mins of:
3 Progressive Burpee Complexes
12 Pull-ups
18 Alternating Jumping Lunges
Run, 200 m

If you have one, wear a weight vest, 20/14 lbs.

The progressive burpee complex is a tough one! When done well it’s going to spike your heart rate a good bit so work to be honest with particular the vertical jump and knee tuck variations. Pull-ups should be done in no more than 2 sets and the jumping lunges should have you focusing on an upright torso throughout the movement. We have a vest tossed in the mix for those of you that have access to one. If you don’t and you’re still looking for an added challenge you can do the 200 meter run with a med ball or plate!

Post Work

2min Elevated Pigeon Stretch
1-2min Underhand PVC Stretch