April 28, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Back Squat

One more week of back squatting! Lower reps from the previous week should mean heavy weight on the bar. RPE is listed at 8/10 but if you are feeling really good today and want to go for a PR feel free! Otherwise let today be what it is and make sure you have heavy, productive work sets. This is also a good primer for the 5 rounder we have ahead of us.


5 rounds for time of:
3 Back Squats, 275/185 lbs
6 Ring/Bar Muscle-ups

sub 12 mins

The second part of today’s workout has a lower rep scheme with a heavier load and technical gymnastics. The back squat is heavy and intended to be so. If the weight is too heavy reduce the load to something that is manageable yet still heavy. Because it is only 3 reps this should be done in an unbroken set but also at no point to failure. The muscle-ups will pose a bit of a challenge for those that have them. This accumulates to be a fair amount of volume so reduce the reps if needed and ideally get these done in no more than 2 maybe 3 sets per round. Today would be a great day to work on the skill portion of the muscle-up if you don’t have them but if you need to work on basic pressing and pulling it would also be a great day for that!

Post Work
2 min per side Couch Stretch
2-3min Adductor Stretch