April 29, 2021

Posted By: Christi

1 Clean + 1 Pause Split Jerk

Similar to our snatch work earlier in the week we are going to be working on some pauses. This will only be at the bottom of the dip in the split jerk today. Legs will be a bit fatigued and this is a great way to get confident and rely on speed under the barbell. Be honest with that 3 second pause and keep an eye on the clock if needed. Adjust loading with a goal of no failed reps but all challenging sets.

Post Work
3 rounds for quality of:
10 Slam Balls, pick load
10 L/10 R Crossbody Dumbbell Deadlifts, pick load
10 Goblet Good Mornings, pick load
20 Russian Twists, pick load

Finishing off today with some midline accessories! The focus on all of these movements is not on loading but rather moving with good position. For the slam ball focus on speed. The crossbody deadlift should generally be a light weight that allows you to focus on good positioning and moving at a methodical pace. Goblet Good Morning should have you focusing on keeping your back flat and staying true to that hinge position. Lastly, russian twist can be done with or without weight. If you decide to use a weight here, focus on control and use light loading.