April 8, 2022

Posted By: Christi

Part 1
Power Snatch


Part one will have you taking 10-minutes to find a heavy set of three power snatches. This is more or less a primer as you head into the workout but it will also allow you to work on the skill of weightlifting. At no point should you be reaching failure. We want you to focus on quality reps and keep each work set productive.

Part 2
For time:
15-12-9 reps of:
Power Snatch, 115/75 lbs
Bike Erg Calorie
— Rest 3 mins —
9-12-15 reps of:
Power Snatch, 115/75 lbs
Bike Erg Calorie

Goal: Sub 6-minutes for each interval

Back to back couplets with similar rep schemes, just in a different order. The power snatch should be a weight that allows you to cycle the bar, completing each work set in no more than three sets. You may want to break early to be smart and keep your heart rate down and save your grip or low back. Push the pace on the bike as these are generally lower rep ranges in regards to calorie count. The three minute rest should have you working hard on that first one and trusting in your recovery.

Post Work 1x:
1min Cobra Stretch
1min Downward Dog
1min each Spiderman