August 10, 2021

Posted By: Christi

For time:
50 Devil Press, 35/25 lbs
100/90 Row Calories

Every 1 min (starting at 0:00) complete:
5 Toes-to-bars

Goal: Sub 18 min

Higher rep workout today the is going to require some pacing and mental toughness. The devil press has moderate weight which should allow you to do consecutive reps and potentially bigger sets to open up but be smart here. We want you working to find a strong and steady pace and keeping the breaks reasonable. The row is going to be the push. Work to keep that heart rate steady or even bring it down in the first 20 cals or so. Then find your rhythm and push to the finish! The T2B at the start of each min should be something you can always do unbroken. If you need to take these to 3 in order to do so or even sub a Toes to Ring that is fine.

Post Work
2-3min Straddle Stretch
1min Straddle Stretch (right)
1min Straddle Stretch (left)