August 11, 2020

Posted By: Christi

For Time:
Buy In: Run 800 meters
Then… 10 Rounds
15 Air Squat
5 Burpee Pull Up
Goal: Sub 20 min
Notes: Optional: Wear a 20/14 lb Vest

No barbell but toss on a vest if you have one and are looking for the added challenge. Make sure you can still meet the suggested time domain either way. The run should be a hard pace (think your mile time) but something you can come in and get to work with. Try a touch wider stance for the air squat so you don’t crash at the bottom of each rep. Keep a strong and steady pace on the burpee pull ups and if you’re going to push things a bit on this workout this is where it would be.

Optional Accessory
3×10 Lateral Raise
3×10 45 Degree Raise
3×10 Front Raise
Crossover Symmetry

Post Work 1x:
10ea side Lying Thoracic Rotation
2min per side Couch Stretch