August 18, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Back To Back AMRAP’s

AMRAP 5 min
15/13 Cal Bike
10 Box Jump Over (24/20)

AMRAP 5 min
15/13 Cal Bike
7 Bar Muscle Up

AMRAP 5 min
15/13 Cal Bike
7 Strict HSPU

Each 5 min AMRAP will go right into the next. This means there will be a bit of pacing required on the bike but we still want you pushing the pace here. Ideally you can find a specific RPM that you think you can hold for roughly a 3-4 min effort and use this as a baseline for the workout. The partnering movements with the box jump over, MU, and HSPU should be challenging but also something you can keep a quick pace with. For the MU and HSPU you should be able to do these sets unbroken and in no more than 2 sets as you fatigue. Modify the movement if needed in order to keep the reps the same and work some of the skill behind it.

4 Round Tabata Mash This
Banded Abmat Sit Up
Notes: 4 Rounds of :20 sec of work and :10 sec of rest. Rotate through each movement, each round.

The mash means that you will alternate back and forth between exercises till you complete the listed number of rounds for EACH movement. Mix between dynamic movement and static holds that will cause each to be challenged by the other. For the superman hold do your best to keep your chest and knees off the ground. This one will be the most challenging to stay honest on. Plank can be done on your elbows or with extended arms. Your choice.

Post Work
Foam Roll
2min Upper/Mid Back
1-2min ea. Lats
2min ea. Quads/ IT Bands