August 19, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Push Press

Heavy day with some shoulder to overhead! Be honest with these reps and work to keep from re-bending your knees and turning this into a push jerk. Rest 2-4 min between each round and do your best to have a goal of no failed work sets. Bar path will be key to your success here so dial it in early with your work sets.

Accessory Lifts
Single Arm DB Press: 3 x 10/arm
Single Arm Bent Over DB Row: 3 x 10/arm
Pallof Press: 3 x 10/side
Notes: Superset Movements

Single arm work to finish things off. You can superset these or finish one exercise before moving onto the next. Regardless your work sets should be tough and near, but not too failure. Adjust loading as needed to accomplish this.

Stretch 2xs:
1min Child’s Pose
:30sec ea. Thread The Needle