August 2, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Deload Week!

Awesome work on Hero Month! Such an accomplishment and we hope you had a great month of challenge, camaraderie, and support of others. We are going to take this week to go lower intensity and volume with a deload approach. Take this time to reset and get in any additional recovery needed. We will be starting a new cycle of programming next week!

Today we have our stretch and strengthen day. We will generally program these days once every deload week. The purpose of this day is to get you to slow down and move with intention. The eccentric work is great for adding length to those tight muscles and the tempo work is great for strengthening those tendons that tend to take a beating with faster, cyclical movements. There is a ton of value to these days and they can also be super challenging.

Lower Body
For quality:
3x 6 L/6 R Eccentric Cossack Squats
Banded Hamstring Stretch, L 1:30 mins/R 1:30 mins
3x 6 L/6 R Eccentric Bulgarian Split Squat + Rock Backs
3x 6 Tempo Double Kettlebell Front Rack Box Squats, pick load

Eccentric= :05 down/regular up
Tempo= :03 down/:03 up

The cossack squat will be unloaded for today so that you can focus on a stretch. Banded hamstring stretch will look different for each athlete. Find a place that is appropriate for you that you can hold for at least :90sec without breaking. The split squat + rockback is also unloaded and should be working on increasing ROM at the hip. Lastly, our double KB/DB work should be done light to maintain position and tempo.

Upper Body
For quality:
3x 6 Eccentric Dumbbell Roll Backs, pick load
3x 6 L/6 R Side Plank Reach Throughs
50 Plank Shoulder Taps

Dumbbell rollback should be done with 2 dumbbells and a light weight to focus on the stretch. The side plank + reach-through should be done at a slow controlled pace. Lastly, you will accumulate plank shoulder taps. Work through this in a controlled manner, pausing for :01 at the top of each rep and keeping your hips square to the floor.