August 20, 2020

Posted By: Christi

For Time:
30 Squat Snatch (115/75)
60 Wall Ball (20/14)
90 Double Under
Goal: Sub 9 min

Legs, shoulders, and possibly even low back are going to be test on this one. The snatch weight should be a bit on the lighter side allowing you to either cycle the weight or move it super quickly and efficiently with singles. I would suggest getting some touch and go reps in the bank before going to singles. Wall ball may be smarter to break early on. Something along the lines of sets of 15 with short breaks, etc. Having said that if it’s been a while since you just went for it and you want to try a big set today is a great time to challenge yourself.

Optional Accessory
Accumulate the Following
200 Seated Banded Leg Curl
100 Band Pull Apart
100′ Banded Lateral Walk(each direction)
100 Banded Face Pull

Focusing on knee, hip, and shoulder health here. The band work should be light and fast allowing for good movement and lots of good flow. Keep those toes facing forward for the lateral walk with short choppy steps to keep your glutes engaged. Shoulder work should be focused on having your shoulders packed down and back so you feel the work between your shoulder blades and not in your traps.

Post Work
Z Stretch 2-3min
Lying Thoracic Rotation w/ a :02sec pause each way 1x: