August 25, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Run: 6x 400 m
Rest 1:1 between efforts.

We have a conditioning interval workout on deck for today! This is a super simple workout but it packs a punch. The goal for this workout is to keep a strong and consistent effort across each interval. Ideally, you are able to keep each interval within :05-:10 of one another. We want to avoid going out too hot and see a huge drop in time from round 1 to round 6. This will help you learn how to pace and understand your abilities. Rest after each interval as long as it took you to run. For example, if you run the 400 meters in 2 minutes they will then rest 2 minutes.

Every 1 min for 10 mins, alternating between:
12 Weighted or Banded Sit-ups
7 D-Ball Ground-to-Over Shoulders, 100/70 lbs

Post Work
1-2min per side Smash Quads
1-2min per side Couch Stretch