August 26, 2022

Posted By: Christi

AMRAP x 10:

Burpee Pull Up

Our shorter workout is on deck for today and this one will get spicy quickly. Start at a smooth and consistent pace and only increase your speed so long that you are feeling good. A good goal is to get a minimum of 6 reps per minute whereas others may shoot for 10 reps per minute.

Post Work
For quality:
400m Sled Drag, 90/70 lbs + Double Kettlebell Front Rack Hold

Every time you break complete:
15 Air Squats

Modification for larger classes…
AMRAP x 6-minutes:
ME Low Plate/Box Step Up (12-16″) holding two kettlebells in the front rack position
*Each time you put down the weight complete 15 Air Squats

Accessory work today has you pulling a sled with a light to moderate load while holding two kettlebells or dumbbells in the front rack and every time you put the weight down you’ll complete 15 air squats. Adjust the loading on the sled as needed to keep it light. For the front rack, we want the loading to also remain light to moderate. You should be able to get the entire 400 meters done within 6-8 sets.