August 3, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Power Clean and Jerk
15 min to Build Up to a heavy single for the day

Keeping it simple and building up to a heavy single in 15 min. This should be a power clean today and it will work as a great warm up for the 10 rounder as well. Create good habits here and have your technique be the guiding factor as to what weight you should finish on today. Make it a goal of no failed reps. Feel free to split jerk this if you like.

10 Rounds:
1 Clean and Jerk (225/155)
2 Ring Muscle Up
3 Box Jump (40/30)
4 Bar Facing Burpee
Goal: Sub 17 min
Notes: Sub RMU with 2 Strict Pull-ups + 2 Strict Dips

Low reps and some more challenging movements or loading. This is a workout that you should still be able to move through confidently despite being challenged by these things. Adjust the loading as needed in order to accomplish this. Be flexible with the height on the box jump as well and adjust as needed. The goal is to have a higher box than normal and something that you cannot rebound. Pace the bar facing burpee just a bit so you can get back on that barbell quickly and keep moving.

Optional Accessory
:20-:30sec Hollow Hold
12ea. Single Leg Glute Bridge