August 30, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Week 4 of the lower body progressive overload and we are now going to be changing up the movements!

Part 1
Box Squat
1 x 1

We are starting today off with a box squat. You will have 20 minutes to establish a 1RM. With that being said we want you to leave some room to build in this lift as we will be repeating it the next two weeks. You should be hitting a heavy lift but there should be no question of failure. A good goal is is to take 7-10 sets, starting with a light load and building, resting every 2-3 minutes as needed.

Part 2 – Accessory Work
Deficit Deadlift
1 x 5

We are starting with a deficit deadlift and athletes will build to a heavy set of 5. The deficit should have athletes elevated by 2-4″ off the ground so long that they can maintain all key points of performance in this lift. This can be a tricky movement for athletes who generally struggle with deadlifts. If this is you, working the traditional deadlift will work great to build mechanics and strength. It’s important that athletes keep their back flat and midline braced throughout the lift. Leave some room to build in the coming weeks. For this lift, we would recommend no more than 5 – 7 sets, especially for week #1.

Sled Drag
3 x 100′ (pick load)
Rest 1 min after each 100′ effort

The sled drag is intended to be done at a heavy load although you should be able to get the entire 100′ done in an unbroken set. Rest 1min between sets. There will likely be an element of the heart rate increasing but we encourage you to continue pushing hard and use the same weight across all sets.

Score the heaviest set of 5 deficit deadlifts and the weight used on the sled drag.