August 9, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Starting off our new programing cycle! We will be incorporating a lower body strength cycle with a progressive overload approach. Each 3-week block will look the same, to go up in weight with each week. This allows us time to adjust to the movement but change things up before we stall out! The first week of each one of our 3 week blocks should have you finding heavy weight for the main lift along with the accessory work BUT you should have room to add weight. Week 1 is NOT the time to try to completely max out with a lifetime PR. Think about finding a heavy weight that we can add to over the coming weeks. Generally the same approach for our accessory lifts.

Back Squat
Find your 1RM for the day in 20 minutes

This is the first week of our progressive overload lower body cycle. You will take 20 minutes to build to a heavy single in your back squat taking one set every 2:30 minutes. The goal is to hit a “heavyish” single but leave some room in the tank for the coming weeks. You will be repeating this lift for 2 more weeks. There should be NO failed reps here.

Accessory – Part 1
For quality:
20 Hip Thrusts

The hip thrust can be done with a barbell or dumbbell and for an unbroken set of 20. You will be able to lift more with a barbell but use what is best for you. Be sure to score the weight you use with the goal of going heavier next week.

Accessory – Part 2
Glute Ham Raises 2x max rep
Rest as needed between sets.
The partner hamstring curl will have you getting into groups of two and doing 2 max sets of hamstring curls. Score the total amount of reps with the goal of doing more next week. For this movement, you can also do two max efforts of a banded hamstring curl.

Accessory – Part 3
3 x :45 DB Box Step-ups
Rest 1 minutes after each round

The dumbbell box step up will have you holding two dumbbells at your sides. Alternate legs and be sure to reach full hip extension at the top. Use the heaviest weight you can that allows you to stay moving steadily and that you can hold for the entire :45sec. Score the weight used and the total amount of reps. Rest 1min between efforts.