December 23, 2020

Posted By: Christi

1 Rep Max Bench Press
15 Minutes to find a heavy single for the day

Starting the day finding a heavy single for your bench press! Does it get any better?! The focus here will be getting under some heavy loading and if you’re feeling good you can go for a PR. Be sure to ask for a spotter if needed. We would much rather see a forced rep with a bit of assistance than a failed rep. This is for two different reasons, 1) the safety of the athlete, and 2) it still allows for a solid heavy rep that feels hard.

For time:
50/45 Row Calories or 600m Run
50/45 Bike Calories
50/45 Row Calories
Goal: sub 13 mins

Repeat workout from 10/15. This workout is going to be all about pushing hard! The goal time is 10-13min. The goal here is all about getting the work done and pushing inside their threshold. Guys should be averaging 12-15 calories per minute while ladies should be averaging 10-13 cals per minute. Even though this workout is on the shorter side we still want some pacing from the start. The start of this workout should be a moderate to hard pace but leaving just enough gas in the tank to push hard for the last 2-3min. Depending on class sizes, we may have to stagger the start. Either way, it’s going to be a spicy one!

Post Workout
:90sec per side Couch Stretch
1min Childs Pose Stretch