December 29, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Every 3 mins for 15 mins do:
50′ Sled Drag, pick load
4 Man Makers, 35/20 lbs
Handstand Walk, 30 ft

Notes: Sled Drags- moderate weight
Complete at 60-70% effort

The sled drag should be a moderate weight allowing you to walk in a heel/toe fashion and all 50 ft unbroken. It’s okay to make it heavy enough to have to work for it unbroken due to the shorter distance but don’t feel rushed. The man maker is a tough movement but we have it with lighter loading today with the purpose of the complex taking you through a variety of movements. Steady pace here and focus on quality movement. The handstand walk is here for practice and if you need to shorten the distance to keep it reasonable for you feel free. You can also work on a static hold with possibly a freestanding variation against the wall or sub out some Wall Walks. Again, we are looking about 60-70% effort today.

Post Work
2-3 Rounds for Quality:
50′ Waiters Walk (right)
20 Russian Twist
:30 sec Banded Plank or Weighted Plank
50′ Waiters Walk (right)
10 Pallof Press/Side or Oblique Dips
:30 sec Superman Hold

Midline work with a focus on quality including some carries and rotational work. There isn’t any weight listed here but\ choose weights that allow for quality position and unbroken carries. Rest as needed between sets.