December 30, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Thruster, 95/65 lbs
Over Under, 24/20 in
Kettlebell Swing, 53/35 lbs

Goal: Sub 10 min

Today’s triplet is a spicy one! The classic 21-15-9 rep scheme should keep you moving along with the listed loading. This should be a workout that you can complete any and all exercises in no more than 3 sets with on any round. Minimal rest and find a strong and steady pace. The over/under is going to take the longest for most of us and jack up the heart rate quite a bit. Pace these out a touch so you can maximize your time on the other movements.

Post Work
3 rounds for quality of:
5 Eccentric Barbell Good Mornings, pick load
8 L/8 R Lateral Med Ball Toss, pick load

*Eccentric Barbell Good Mornings- 3 sec lowering and regular return

Accessory work today is focusing on midline strength. We have the eccentric barbell good morning and lateral medball toss. The eccentric barbell good morning is a great movement to build strength in the back but also a great way to improve hamstring flexibility. Stay true to the :03 lowering. The lateral medball toss is to be done with power and speed and is a great way to build up midline strength. This should be done for quality. Rest as needed between rounds.