December 31, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Holiday Schedule
No 4:30/5:30pm classes today!
Saturday: 8-11am Open Gym ONLY

Bike Calorie
Goal: Sub 15 minutes

A conditioning test that is for time! The goal for this workout is to finish within 15 minutes. Adjust the total amount of reps as needed to make this happen. The bike should not take any longer than 4min, 3min, 2min respectively. The Burpees will be a grind. Find a pace you can keep moving to meet the intended goal. Trust your fitness on this one.

Post Work
AMRAP 6 mins:
Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold, L 20 secs/R 20 secs
Banded Lateral Walk, L 25 ft/R 25 ft
15 Banded Pull Throughs

An easy 6min AMRAP to finish things off today. With this, we are focusing on posterior strength. Be sure that you are moving through this for quality and staying true to the intended stimulus. Focus on controlled movement and a full range of motion.