February 26, 2022

Posted By: Christi

8am-10am: Open Gym
10am: Group WOD

Teams of 2 – For time:

50 Bike Calories
40 No Push-up Burpees
40 Bike Calories
35 No Push-up Burpees
30 Bike Calories
25 No Push-up Burpees
20 Bike Calories
17 No Push-up Burpees
10 Bike Calories
8 No Push-up Burpees

One person is on the bike while the other is completing the no push up burpee. Switch when both have completed the work.

Time Cap: 22 mins

This is an excellent workout to push the pace, work on conditioning, and not beat ourselves up. The bike will be completed by one partner, while the other is doing the no push-up burpee. It is likely that the burpee athlete will finish before the bike. This is fine, and should allow for a nice sprint on the bike if that’s what you’re looking for today.

Optional Accessory
3 rounds for quality of:
Banded Lateral Walk, L 25 ft/R 25 ft
Banded Walk, 25 ft
Banded Backwards Walk, 25 ft
50 Seated Band Leg Curls

Post Work 1x:
1-2min per side Pigeon Stretch
1min Childs Pose
:30sec per side Thread the Kneedle