February 27, 2021

Posted By: Christi

8am-10am: Open Gym
10am: Group WOD

Every 1 min for 15 mins, alternating between:
Min 1: 10 Double Dumbbell Ground-to-Overheads, 50/35 lbs
Min 2: 10 Over Unders
Min 3: 200m Run

This is going to be a burner for sure. The double dumbbell ground-to-overhead can be broken up and done with the weight either between your feet or on the outside of them. Your choice and I would suggest finding what is most efficient for you. We did the over under a few weeks back so should have an idea what to expect. The run can be subbed for a row or bike if needed but it should reflect close to the full min of work just like the run does. Adjust loading as needed to keep your back in position for the dumbbell work.

Post Work – Shoulder Maintenance

For quality:
75 Band Pull Aparts
75 Band Face Pulls
50 Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Raises, pick load