February 3, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Back Squat

Week 2 of our small back squat cycle amidst the other work. Last week we had sets of 5 which you can use as a guideline but we should see an increase in weight since we are going to sets of 3. Adjust loading as needed throughout with the goal of challenging but successful sets. Rest no less than 2 mins and no more than 3 mins between each set.

Barbell Back Rack Low Box Step-up

This is with a barbell loaded on your back. The box (plates) should be roughly 10 inches in height and barbell loaded to 60-70% of your 1RM back squat. This is a great way to work midline and glute strength along with focusing on knee position. Work to keep consistent weight across all work sets.

Then –

For time:

800m Run
50 Bike Calories
50 Row Calories

Goal: sub 12 mins

800m run mixed with 50 cals of each on the bike and rower which means we want you to push the pace! We will all have one movement that we prefer over another so take advantage of that one and stay positive on the others. See if you can keep a consistent pace across all efforts but don’t be afraid to push yourself here to see what you’ve got for the day.

Post Work

:90sec Sprinter Stretch
2-3min Forward Fold