January 15, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Power Snatch
Build up to a heavy “perfect” 1RM for the day in 15 mins.

Two-part workout today and part one will have you building to a heavy single in your power snatch. The goal with this is to get primed for “Isabel”. The intention is to not set a PR or go so heavy that your position starts falling apart. Rather we want you to focus on solid position throughout this lift, making each rep look and feel good.

Then –

For time:
30 Snatches, 135/95 lbs

Been a while since we have hit this one up but it’s all about cycling the barbell. Loading should allow you to do this early on in the workout but you may find going to singles to be quicker for you as you get into the meat of the workout. Focus on pulling under the barbell and using your speed to help with efficiency. Make sure you are receiving the bar with a solid lockout position each rep. Adjust loading as needed to accomplish the stimulus and if you’re looking for a good goal time I would be shooting for sub 5-6 mins at the longest. Faster times will be around the 2 min mark!

Post Work 2xs:

8 Cat-Cow (slow)
:30 sec Child’s Pose