January 18, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Clean & Jerk

Sticking with the same rep scheme as last week but completing the full movement. Continue doing a split jerk after each rep of the clean. Reps should be “perfect” and this will dictate the loading while you work to accumulate your work sets. You can focus on whatever phase of the movement gives you trouble on the full lift. This may be the first pull from the floor, meeting your hip pocket in the second pull, receiving position, etc. Give yourself a goal to focus on and let the movement dictate the loading today.

Use the build up method. Find your heaviest perfect set of 3 and make sure that you have 4 work sets total within 10% of this lift (max for the day is included as a work set).

Then –

For time:
50 Dumbbell Burpee + Power Clean + Push Press, 50/35 lbs
Every 1 min (starting at 0:00) complete:
3 Ring Muscle-ups

Goal: sub 12 mins

Take note of the complex as this is NOT a manmaker which we have done a handful of times in the past few weeks/months. It’s going to be a bit quicker and the dumbbell burpee is going to require you to be mindful of setting your back. If you need to set the dumbbells on blocks or a stack of bumpers to allow for a better position in your low back please do. The position for the power clean is applied here is as well and is coming from the floor. Keep the push press legit and make sure you’re not dipping under the weight turning things into a push jerk. The workout starts with the 3 muscle-ups. You can lower the reps here if you are still developing capacity or sub out a strict chest-to-bar pull-up, possibly a jumping variation, etc…the key is not getting stuck moving in and out of band setups, etc. for today.

Post Workout
10ea Lying Thoracic Rotation
1min Childs Pose
:30sec ea. Thread the Needle