January 26, 2022

Posted By: Christi

3 rounds for time of:
Bike Calories, 5 mins
200 Double Unders
Farmers Carry, 70/53 lbs, 100 m
Goal: Sub 30 min

Score is your time minus total accumulated calories on the bike.

Our longer workout for the week! We have 3 rounds for time and you will score the total amount of time that it takes to complete the work minus the calories you accumulates on the bike. Minus the number of calories you accumulate in seconds. The bike should be done at a hard but smooth, consistent pace. Focus on maintaining a steady speed/watts. The double unders accumulate to be a fair amount of volume. It will be important that you modify reps as needed to what is appropriate for you. You can cut back on the reps to 150-100 or modify to doing single unders. This portion of the workout should take no longer than 3-minutes to complete per round. The farmers carry is intended to be done with a moderate load in an unbroken set and no more than two sets per round.

Accessory Work 3-4 Sets:
:10 sec Chin Over Bar Hold
5 Negative Pull Up
3 Strict Pull Up

Accessory Modifications 3-4 Sets:
:10 sec Chin Over Bar Hold w/ Toe Spot
5 Negative Ring Row/ Inverted Row
3 Seated Pull Up

Accessory work today is going to be our gymnastics work for the week. We have a variety of movements to help strengthen your pull and to help keep your shoulders safe and strong. The chin over bar hold is for only :10seconds although this is a challenging movement. You can use a toe spot as needed. The negative pull-up has you working a -:03-:05second lowering phase. Jump into this pull-up as needed. The strict pull-up can be done with a band-assist but should have you working primarily a strict movement. All movements can be modified to ring row variation as needed. Focus on working for quality and resting as needed between rounds.