January 30, 2023

Posted By: Christi

Deload week continues…

Today we kick off some fun little challenges for the remainder of the week. We’ll be handing out some small swag to those that participate with #crossfitcheyenne on Instagram. These will be spread out throughout the week so incorporate these as you see fit and have some fun with them. They will be fun and challenging but shouldn’t beat you up!

EMOM x 10min:
1 Clean & Jerk, 70% 1RM

Post Work Challenge #1
A single Chest To Bar Hold hold for max time.
*Pin an abmat between your chest and the pull up bar at the top of the pull up for max time.

Post Work Challenge #2
1 x 5min For distance (50′ increments):
Farmer Carry, 100/70 lbs
The farmers carry is for distance and weight listed is a guideline. Adjust accordingly but keep it challenging. Ideally, athletes are able to hold for a minimum of 50-100ft even as they get tired.

Shoulder Maintenance
1x :20-:30sec ea.:
3-Way Banded Shoulder Stretch