July 10, 2020

Posted By: Christi


Deadlifts today on a descending rep scheme. Ideally, we want you working up in weight for each set. We are looking for no failed reps but each set should feel tough. If you need to go down in weight for the last set of 3 that is quite alright. You should be doing all reps in a row and no dropping from the top. There is real value to putting the weight down in both bar path and strength. Position is key on deadlifts so don’t compromise form for weight. Take a set every 2-3min.

Optional Accessory
Hollow Hold: 3 x :20 sec
Band Pull Apart: 3 x 15
Side Plank Reach Through: 3 x 8/side
Banded Lateral Walk 3 x 50’/leg

Finishing things off with some midline and banded work. The hollow hold can help to take some pressure off the low back. Take your time through these movements and you can either do them all in a row with some short rest between sets, or you can superset them and turn this into a 3 round type accessory piece. Either way this is valuable work to keep our midlines and joints healthy and in check.