July 15, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Front Squat
Find a heavy set of 3 for the day within 15 min

ReTest from 5/8
For Time:
40 Strict Pull Up
80 Box Jump Over (24/20)
120 Squat
Goal: Sub 18 min
Notes: Wear 20/14# Vest

Alllll the gymnastics work today. Depending on what variation you did before will dictate if you should wear a vest or not. You may consider having the vest for some movements and not for others if needed in order to meet the goal time. Be smart on those box jump over if you are wearing the vest and remember that you don’t need to stand up all the way on the box. Just need to get to the other side. This may help save those legs for that last high rep set of squats! Push through on this one and see if you can improve from your previous time!

Optional Post Work
3xs :20sec each position:
3-Way Hip Stretch