July 2, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Push Jerk

Heavy day with some overhead work. Do your best to keep this a true push jerk and avoid the temptation to turn it into a split. Great way to work on foot position matching those of your clean and punching under the barbell. Adjust loading as you go, challenging yourself, and make it a goal of no failed reps.

Accessory Lifts
Single Arm DB Strict Press: 3 x 10/side
Single Arm DB High Pull: 3 x 10/side

Single Arm work is strict for both movements. Stick with the press first and get all 3 sets done there before moving onto the high pull. If you haven’t done a single arm high pull in the past keep the loading light and ease into things here. You should have both of these movements be challenging and near, but not to failure.

Optional Accessory:
Row 1000 meters

Simple and effective. Been a long time since we have hit up the 1000 meter effort for time. Much like the 2k it’s got some sting but this one is going to be faster. Push the pace here after the 500 meter mark and see if you can hang on for that last 250!

Post Work
Samson Stretch Hold 2xs:
:30sec ea. Side
Pec Stretch 1x:
1-2 min per side