July 20, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Flow Workout
800 meter Run
30 Deadlift (45/35)
25 Hang Power Clean
20 Press
50 Cal Bike
30 Back Squat (45/35)
25 Barbell Row
20 Alternating Split Jerk
50 Cal Row
30 Reverse Lunge (45/35)
25 Hang Power Snatch
20 Floor Press
Notes: All movements to be done with an empty barbell. Focus is on quality of movement and recovery.

Deload week! It’s time to recover to come back ready to hit it hard in the upcoming weeks.

Go through this at roughly 70% effort and think of it as an active recovery workout. The monostructural work is there to get the heart rate up and get your blood flowing so don’t feel pressure to push the pace hard here. All movements are done with an empty barbell and are in sets that you should be able to do nearly unbroken or within 2 sets. This is a great way to work position, mobility, and still meet the goal of recovery. Take your time through the movements that are higher skill for you and focus on quality of movement.