July 25, 2022

Posted By: Christi

5 rounds for time of:
200m Run
50′ Sandbag Bear Hug Carry (heavy)
15 Kettlebell Swings (heavy)
50′ Hand Over Hand Sled Pull (heavy)
Goal: Get it done

Starting our week with some grunt work! There is no prescribed loading today. We want you to choose weights that are challenging for you. The kettlebell swing is intended to be an American swing, going all the way overhead. This should be a heavier load allowing you to complete at 15 within 1-2 sets. The hand-over-hand sled pull should be heavy completing all 50′ in 2 sets. You may sub this out for a strict pull-up or ring row for a set of 10 as needed.

Post Work
For quality:
30 Supermans w/:01 hold at top
30 L/30 R Single Leg Balance + T-Holds

Accessory work today is focusing on the posterior chain as well as balance. You will accumulate one exercise before the next, although you can break the single-leg balance + t-hold into multiple sets. Focus on control and moving for quality resting as needed between movements and sets.